Attelië is the final piece of design, arising through the epistemologic appropiation of a problematic. The work doesn't pretend to be just a theoretical dissertation, but an actualization; using the design exercise as a pretext to evidence a hole in the academic model and process of design: the interdisciplinariety. This process, inherent to knowledge and investigation, has been deserted since the aprehension of new disciplines became in an infinite path of specializations. Specializations forget about the primary subject of a profession discipline, which is to resolve the questions that founded those ones. Attelië is an example of a design challenge, which in principle need to be resolved from Graphic Design, and also, must be comprehended by designers as an exercise that just will be satisfactory while there will be a practical cooperation between Graphic Design and the remaining fields of design.
 · Logo and branding design ·
 ·  Fashion Design  ·
·  Interior Design  ·
·  Package and label design  ·
·  Editorial Design | Brand structure  ·
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