Typography approaching · Graphic design pieces based on a random favorite song.¿If your design has to be a song, which song would it be? 
My Favorite Typo’ Music is a project about synesthesia.
It raises the possibility to approach permanent consideration of each and every element involved in graphic design. 
The proposal is not only a number of pieces of great visual value and composition; it offers a two way relationship between doing and perception: how the inspiration comes from environment, affecting the final result.
To see the website, click here. To listen, click on each pieces name.
Zero · Smashing Pumpkins
La Danza Macabra · Saint Säenz
Good Friday · Cocorosie
Girl · The beatles
Where is my mind · Pixies
Seize the day · Wax Taylor ft. Charlotte Savary
Succexy · Metric
Ojitos Chiquititos · Don Omar
¡Thanks for watch! ^__^
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